Joining the league

The York & District Badminton League consists of Mixed, Mens, & Ladies divisions.  This document contains information on how to join the league & gives an outline of the League Rules.  The full version of the League Rules can be found here.

 Joining the League

To join the League a request should be sent to the General Secretary prior to the League AGM, stating how many teams the club would like to enter into each section. Teams are admitted into the League from the start of each season.  New teams are automatically entered into the lowest division.


The cost of entering a team is agreed at the AGM.  There is no requirement for clubs to be affiliated to Badminton England.

 League AGM

A representative of the club should attend the League AGM.  Your club may send more than one representative to the AGM, but only one vote per club is allowed.

 Club Secretary

The Club Secretary is usually the person responsible for arranging your club’s fixtures.  


The Club Secretary or other club representative should attend the fixtures meeting (held the week after the AGM) to compile the Club’s fixtures for the forthcoming season.  The subscription charge is payable to the League Treasurer at this meeting. 

Following the meeting, the Club Secretary must input their fixtures on Sportsganiser & email confirmation to the opposition club's Secretary who shoudl check the dates/time agree with their list.  This must be completed within 14 days of the fixtures meeting otherwise club's will incur a fine of £10.

The season commences in September & all matches should be played by 30th April.

 Teams/Match format

Each team in the Mens’, Ladies’ and Mixed Divisions shall consist of three couples.  A match consists of 9 rubbers with all couples playing each other.  Rubbers are the best of 3 games & are played using the Badminton England/International Badminton Federation scoring.   One point is awarded for each rubber won with 2 extra points awarded to the overall match winner.

Prompt arrival for away fixtures is essential as rubbers can be forfeited if a player/players are absent when required to play, with the exception that 15 minutes grace is granted from the start time of the match.


The home team must provide the shuttles.  Where possible, feathers should be used, but if not synthetic shuttles that are a type certified as complying with the Laws of Badminton can be used.  Clubs should notify opponents which type of shuttle they use at the Fixtures Meeting.

Match results

The fully completed score card signed by each captain should retain until the end of the season by the Home club.  Match results should be filed via Sportsganiser within 72 hours of the match taking place.  Clubs will receive a 2 point deduction per late/incomplete card.


All matches are to be played.  The only reason for postponement shall be for non-availability of the hall, inclement weather or national emergency.  A fixture should not be cancelled without the consent of the opponents.

Promotion & Relegation

Promotion and relegation issues shall be decided by the number of points won.  Should two or more teams finish on level points, the total number of matches won will decide.  Should these be equal, a play-off will be arranged in order to reach a decision.

It is usual for the teams occupying the first and second position in each Division to be promoted & for the teams occupying the last two positions in each division to be relegated (where applicable).  However, this is subject to the number of teams entering the League the following season & the League Committee reserve the right to increase or restrict the number of teams to be promoted or relegated if considered desirable in the interests of the League. 

The composition of the divisions for the following season is agreed at the League AGM.